At NewStreet Global we create an accelerated sales cycle for our clients by leveraging our deep experience and extensive relationships in the public safety market

A Powerful Network

Decades of experience in law enforcement at every level yields a rich repository of relationships built on trust, shared experiences, and mutual respect.  NewStreet helps our clients navigate what can be an insular trust community and obtain contacts of immediate and optimum value.  We connect the right people at the right time.



A Keen Understanding of Public Safety Challenges

At NewStreet we help clients large and small relate their innovative solutions and services to real world public safety use cases.  We have helped clients identify within their offerings value attractive to law enforcement that even they had not recognized.  Sales accelerate when solutions can be directly tied to urgent problems.  We help our clients articulate the use case.  

In addition, we have identified and helped engineer partnerships among client companies possessing creative solutions that, when paired, become powerful, compelling, and market changing offerings.



A Commitment to the Mission

At NewStreet we are particular about how we can continue to directly support the public safety mission.  We do not foster sales simply for the sake of sales.  We only take on clients who we believe can materially improve the safety and performance of those working the street.  Our goal is to put the best leading edge technology in the hands of the public safety community in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.